Prefab security Guard cabins Manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa

Boroplast is the expert in Manufacturing Security Guard Cabins. We are one of the best Security Guard Cabins Manufacturer In Mumbai, Maharashtra making good products for a long time. Our Security Guard Cabins come in different shapes and sizes. Apart from that, we also use different kinds of materials in developing Security Guard Cabins.

We look at the needs and budget of each client. According to their demands, we manufacture Security Guard Cabins using fine quality raw materials. Our products can remain in a good condition in any type of weather.


  • Strong, durable and designed for high performance
  • Monolithic roof for easy water drainage
  • Spacious & elegant
  • In built connection for tube light, fan, bulk head, telephone jack etc.
  • Writing desk for register entry
  • Additional switch socket for emergency battery charger
  • Made of composite polymer material which reduces overall weight of cabin with necessary insulation
  • No permission required from corporation body
  • All weather resistance and maintenance free
  • Vertical sliding windows for ease and comfort
  • Legs for easy cleaning and shifting
FRP – Sizes Available
Sr.NoCode No.SizeParticulars
1BP/SC/CP/4474’x4’x7′PUF Insulated
2BP/SC/CP/6476’x4’x7′PUF Insulated
3BP/SC/CP/6676’x6’x7′PUF Insulated
4BP/SC/CP/6876’x8’x7′PUF Insulated
5BP/SC/CP/8878’x8’x7′PUF Insulated
6BP/SC/CP/81078’x10’x7′PUF Insulated
7BP/SC/CP/1010710’x10’x7′PUF Insulated

GI – Sizes Available


Code No.






ROOK WOOL  Insulated




ROOK WOOL  Insulated




ROOK WOOL  Insulated




ROOK WOOL  Insulated




ROOK WOOL  Insulated




ROOK WOOL  Insulated




ROOK WOOL  Insulated

Top Factors that make us leading Security Guard Cabins Manufacturer In Mumbai, Maharashtra

We are one of the best Security Guard Cabins Manufacturer In Mumbai, Gujarat, Goa making world-class products. Our rich quality raw materials are responsible for manufacturing superior quality products. Many factors make us a good Security Guard Cabins manufacturer such as:

1. Wide range of products

Whether you want a bunkhouse or MS portable cabins, we manufacture everything for the clients. Our wide range of products includes portable office containers, prefabricated site office, security cabins, and so on. Besides, we also develop customized products for different clients. You can look at our catalog and choose the most appropriate product according to your need.

2. High ranking on Google 

Today, the customers trust Google when it comes to selecting any service. When you type the best Security Guard Cabins Manufacturer In Mumbai, Gujarat, Goa, you will get our links in the first few results. Our customers give good ratings and reviews to our products because of good quality. Apart from that, we also offer a variety of products at affordable prices.

3. Durable materials

We are one of the reputable Security Guard Cabins Manufacturer In Mumbai, Gujarat, Goa because of our durable products. We choose high-quality raw materials to build Security Guard Cabins. Our structures remain good even in the bad weather. They can withstand strong winds, rainwater, sunrays, and dust. Our Security Guard Cabins do not damage by any external force or environmental hazards.

4. Smart team 

Our company hires a professional and experienced team to design security guard cabins. Our team has experience of more than 15 years in this field. Their expertise and best craftsmanship help in developing robust products. Our team also maintains social distancing rules in the company and uses face masks and sanitizers as safety measures.

5. Delivery within the given time

The experts of our company deliver every product at the right time. We look at the deadline and develop our products using modern technology and tools. Our company is one of the excellent Security Guard Cabins Manufacturer In Mumbai, Gujarat, Goa delivering product within a stipulated time.

6. Latest technology

We use smart and new technology and equipment to build Security Guard Cabins. New tools and technology save time. Apart from that, they also make every product stronger and better. Our modern equipment accelerates the manufacturing process as well.

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