FRP Security Cabins


  • Strong, durable and designed for high performance
  • Monolithic roof for easy water drainage
  • Spacious & elegant
  • In built connection for tube light, fan, bulk head, telephone jack etc.
  • Writing desk for register entry
  • Additional switch socket for emergency battery charger
  • Made of composite polymer material which reduces overall weight of cabin with necessary insulation
  • No permission required from corporation body
  • All weather resistance and maintenance free
  • Vertical sliding windows for ease and comfort
  • Legs for easy cleaning and shifting

FRP Layout

FRP – Sizes Available
Sr.NoCode No.SizeParticulars
1BP/SC/CP/4474’x4’x7′PUF Insulated
2BP/SC/CP/6476’x4’x7′PUF Insulated
3BP/SC/CP/6676’x6’x7′PUF Insulated
4BP/SC/CP/6876’x8’x7′PUF Insulated
5BP/SC/CP/8878’x8’x7′PUF Insulated
6BP/SC/CP/81078’x10’x7′PUF Insulated
7BP/SC/CP/1010710’x10’x7′PUF Insulated

GI Layout

GI – Sizes Available
Sr.NoCode No.SizeParticulars
1BP/SC/GI/4484’x4’x8′.5”ROOK WOOL  Insulated
2BP/SC/GI/6486’x4’x8′.5”ROOK WOOL  Insulated
3BP/SC/GI/6686’x6’x8′.5”ROOK WOOL  Insulated
4BP/SC/GI/6886’x8’x8′.5”ROOK WOOL  Insulated
5BP/SC/GI/8888’x8’x8′.5”ROOK WOOL  Insulated
6BP/SC/GI/81088’x10’x8′.5”ROOK WOOL  Insulated
7BP/SC/GI/1010810’x10’x8′.5”ROOK WOOL  Insulated
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