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Boroplast by Borkar Polymers

Borkar Polymers is a multi-faceted company manufacturing a wide range of products using a variety of materials and processes. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Mumbai, Boroplast is well equipped to serve clients, not only in India, but also International orders.

With our extensive know-how of FRP, Polymers and other raw materials, we are able to innovate unique solutions for a wide range of industries. From serving the needs of the Indian Navy with fully furnished stay-in cabins, to catering to the requirements of highway toll booths in Cambodia, we have done it all.

We welcome you to experience the wide variety of solutions showcased here. However, if you need a custom-built solution for a specific purpose, do get in touch & we would be glad to innovate the same.


To be India’s leading Prefabricated Portable solution provider.


Provide prefabricated portable structures and provide customer delight by enhancing performance, aesthetics, quality, production and service with ethical practices.

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