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We offer a wide range of modular prefab site office with GI, MS, FRP PUF insulated panels/EPS insulated panels. Our Prefab office is an ideal solution as it is quick and easy to erect.

We offer complete turnkey solutions for prefab site office under one roof starting from designing, fabrication, production and till installation. While designing the prefab site office building we consider factors like natural daylight, proper ventilation for fresh air. Moreover these prefab site offices are constructed with insulated panels so these prefab site offices are best suited for adverse climatic conditions.

The layout and specification are finalized as per your requirement and needs. Therefore every project is customized and delivered in a systematic and professional manner keeping full focus on quality and timely delivery.

Sr.No Code No. Size Particulars
1 BP/SO/GI/10088 10’X8’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
2 BP/SO/GI/12088 12’X8’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
3 BP/SO/GI/10128 10’X12’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
4 BP/SO/GI/15108 15’X10’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
5 BP/SO/GI/20088 20’X8’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
6 BP/SO/GI/20108 20’X10’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
7 BP/SO/GI/30088 30’X8’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
8 BP/SO/GI/30108 30’X10’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
9 BP/SO/GI/40088 40’X8’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
10 BP/SO/GI/40108 40’X10’X8′.5” ROOK WOOL  Insulated
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