Prefabricated Accommodation Cabin Manufacturer in Beed


Our Accommodation units are spacious and uniquely designed with elegant interiors to make one feel cozy and enjoy blissful bedroom comforts. Accessories such as Single/Double Bunk/Folding type Beds with Mattress, Covers, Pillows, Blankets, Cupboards, Lockers, Dressing Tables, Writing Table can be installed. The accessories suitable for the climatic conditions of the surrounding environment, can be installed.

All electrical accessories are branded & even the lighting arrangements are installed in a way to create a homely feeling. Hygiene toilets cum bathroom fitted with Shower, Water Mixers, Western/ Indian Commode, Wash Basins, Geysers are also provided in the unit. Flooring can be customised from options like Vinyl carpet, Aluminum or Ceramic Tiles.

Our instant accommodation units are advantageous to various walks of life. These are mostly installed at locations where it is not feasible to build conventional brick-and-mortar structures & for those who are on the move continuously. It’s portability is the key factor which ultimately benefits the organization or individual by saving on recurring concrete structure expenses.

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