Different types of portable toilets: which one should you select?

A portable toilet is a new trend in offices for offices and sites these days. It is better and safer than normal toilets in several ways. Easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness are the major reasons for using a portable toilet. Apart from that, it is also very simple to use portable toilets on the regular basis.

There are multiple types of portable toilets today that one can use for worksites and open areas. We will discuss the different kinds of portable toilets in this blog.

Types of portable toilets

Portable toilets are movable and have good features. There are many types of portable toilets such as:

  1. Urine diverting dry toilet

UDDT is the best portable toilet for areas where there are water problems. You do not need to flush out wastes and urine in this toilet. The wastes are collected in different compartments. There is an odorless operation in this portable toilet. Moreover, the dried wastes are used as fertilizers in the farms.

  1. Bucket toilet

Bucket toilet is another dry portable toilet for open areas. It gathers human feces and urine in the same compartment. These toilets are not generally used in worksites because of bad smell issues.

  1. Sewer-connected portable toilets

This is one of the most common types of portable toilets. It throws waste materials in the nearest sewage system. Sewer-connected portable toilets are widely used for large construction sites where there is a sewerage connection point. This portable toilet is easy to use, clean, and maintain.

  1. Chemical toilets

The next on this list is the chemical toilet. It works differently from other portable toilets. All the human wastes gather in the holding tank of the toilet. This holding tank has chemicals help to keep bacteria and bad smell away. Chemical toilets use both hot water and cold water for flushing and washing hands.

  1. Welfare units

The welfare unit is somewhat similar to chemical toilets.  It comes with a drying room, generator, hot water supply, and a canteen. Welfare units are used by top officials and clients.

  1. Disabled portable toilet

This is a special portable toilet for disabled people. These toilets can accommodate a wheelchair and have simple use for disabled guests in an event or family function.

There are different types of portable toilets that you can use for various sites and areas. Getting the best quality portable toilets is important so that they work efficiently for longer time.

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