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Borkar Polymers was established in the year 2002 under the able leadership of Mr. Aditya Borkar.

The main objective was to design and manufacture plastic products to create a better environment using processes like FRP Hand-lay-up, Resin Transfer Moulding, Vacuum Forming, Rotomoulding, Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding. Of all,
the emphasis was on the creative use of FRP in making products like:

After establishing a foothold in the above mentioned fields, we started concentrating on other moulded plastic products like DOORS and PLANTERS. Instead of making standard, run-of-the-mill products and selling on a large scale, we deliberately chose to make exclusive products and concentrate on aspects like quality and appropriateness of design.

After years of relentless efforts, today we are proud to be known in the field as a design-centric and quality conscious company.

Right from the onset, Borkar Polymers has always been open to new ideas and has adapted seamlessly to the ever changing needs of the industry.

The economic boom in the early part of this decade resulted into the establishment of various industries like TELECOM and BANKING.

We were fast in understanding their requirements and developed a range of products for corporations like TATA TELESERVICES, RELIANCE, VODAFONE and ICICI BANK.

Working for Corporations opened a new stream of opportunities for us.

In addition to our existing range of plastic products, we started making other products like KIOSKS and SIGNAGES in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This exposed us to the use of other materials like wood and metal. Today, we boast a capacity of handling almost all the major materials.

Working for Corporations also gave us opportunities to do INTERIOR INFRASTRUCTURE projects. Without any hesitation, we ventured into this field too and have done a couple of projects. In future, In addition to making products, we wish to do more and more interior infrastructure projects on an all-India basis.


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