Ashtry Cum Dustbin

120 Ltrs. Wheeled Container.

360 Ltrs. Wheeled Container.

660 Ltrs. Wheeled Container.

1100 Ltrs. Wheeled Container.

Floor Mounted
Garbage bin

Round Bin

Rectangular Bin

Square Bin



S.S. Ashtray Cum Dustbin

Pole Mounted
Garbage bin


General Features :

    Available in various shapes and sizes ranging from simple hand-laid FRP bins to more intricate and complex injection moulded containers.

    We were among the first to introduce animal-inspired garbage bins which were an instant hit.

    1. Neat, uncluttered looks.
    2. Highly functional.
    3. Sturdy.

    Finished with PU paint in colours as desired by the client
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